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Our “Arts in Academia” program is not solely for educational institutions.  We will provide  these same services to faith-based organizations, youth training programs, and other institutions.  To be sure, participation in the arts unequivocally enhances student achievement and student behavior.  “Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability and verbal skills.  The arts improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork.  The intrinsic pleasures and stimulation of the arts connect people and open new ways of seeing the world.

So broaden your students/participants horizons.  Let McCree Theatre provide them with performing arts classes.  We offer workshops in dance, drama and music at your place and in accordance with your schedule, and whether your students/participants participate as whole classes, or as electives, or as part of your after-school programs, we are ready to serve you.

Examples of workshops we offer:

Creative Movement

Pre-modern dance for lower elementary students.

Modern Dance

For upper elementary/middle/high school students.

Children’s Theatre Workshop

For lower elementary students.

Theatre for Youth

For upper elementary/middle/high school students.

Music for Children

For lower elementary students.

Music for Youth

For upper elementary/middle/high school students.

Elementary School Leaders, Reserve

A Performance Date For Your School

At The “New” Mccree Theatre

For The Violence Prevention Play…


“Prevention needs to occur at an early age, preferably before age 10.  Behavior patterns become established and intervention becomes the goal beyond this age. Violence is a serious social and economic problem. Prevention programs must identify high risk groups such as adolescents and focus on teaching positive attitudes, conflict resolution, and social skills training. Success will require a comprehensive approach that addresses this issue on many different levels.”—Netwellness, a program of Case Western Reserve University In making its highly-charged, extremely energetic Graffiti Chronicles theatre production available to elementary school students, McCree Theatre understands that attempting to change young people’s minds about high-risk behaviorthrough the art of persuasion alone can, at times,  be a difficult task.  Unlike conventional classroom-based or theoretical learning, projects like Graffiti Chronicles work by tapping into its young audience’s emotions. In the process it provides the deep-learning experience that is vital if the message is to be retained.  Graffiti Chronicles is especially effective because through its various on-stage scenarios, it enables the benefit of hindsight; when individuals are faced with similar situations in real-life they are already equipped with the knowledge and tools to overcome those barriers.  This is an invaluable tool for conflict resolution and peer resistance. Trained actors use challenging and highly charged theatre to simulate authentic real-life scenarios, featuring familiar situations and easily recognizable characters.  Graffiti Chronicle’s follow-up measures serve to strengthen and reinforce those initial impressions.

Donation is usually $1.00 per student if affordable.

Call (810) 787-2200 for schedule information.


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